The Dig

“Uncovering Woodbridge History – A Public Archaeology Open House” took place in the Dunham House yard on Sept. 28-29, 2019. The archaeological dig was a project of the Middlesex County Office of Arts and History and the New Jersey Archaeological Society, along with Trinity Church and Monmouth University. Students from the County College of Morris also participated.

Here’s the dig in progress. (Courtesy of the Monmouth University School of History and Anthropology)

The results of the excavation and related historical research were compiled into a 450-page report, produced in September 2020. The report included previously unpublished details of a site study conducted by Monmouth University in 2002. Click here for the full report or below for sections.

Cover Page and Abstract

Table of Contents and Lists of Figures, Plates and Tables

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – Research Design

Section 3 – Environmental Setting

Section 4 – Background Research

Section 5 – 2002 Monmouth University Archaeological Field Results

Section 6 – 2019 ASNJ Archaeological Fieldwork Results

Section 7 – Interpretations and Conclusions

Section 8 – Recommendations

Section 9 – Sources

Appendix A – Project Documents

Appendix B – Principal Investigators’ Qualifications

Appendix C – Tree-Ring Dating

Appendix D – Ground Penetrating Radar Report

Appendix E – First Floor, Floor Joist Plan

Appendix F – 2002 Monmouth University Shovel Test Pit Log

Appendix G – 2002 Monmouth University Artifact Catalog

Appendix H – 2019 ASNL Shovel Test Pit Log

Appendix I – 2019 ASNL Artifact Catalog

Appendix J – Minimum Vessel Count List

Appendix K – Faunal Analysis Report

Appendix L – New Jersey State Museum Archaeological Site Registration Form

Appendix M – Annotated Bibliography